Meet Rick

Meet Rick

rickprofRichard Marchand, 60, is a self described “conservative Democrat”.  He has served as Leominster’s Ward 5 city councilor since 2005 and had previously served on the council from 1989 to 1995.  During his time with the City Council, Marchand was elected president six times, and also served on the legal-affairs, finance, city property, ways and means, and public-safety subcommittees.

If elected, Marchand said his goals would include ensuring that the state maintains a funding mechanism to assist public schools, advocating for increased programs for veterans, and finding any way to help advance the effort to build a new police station in Leominster.

Over the course of his education career, Marchand worked as a teacher at Leominster High School, Ayer High School and Shrewsbury High School, from which he retired in 2013. He also served as code-enforcement inspector with the Leominster Board of Health and currently serves as a marketing consultant for the Thayer Symphony Orchestra.

Marchand listed his greatest qualifications for state representative as his work ethic and sincerity.

“I’m not a politician that just gets elected and rides that level of recognition without getting involved in the grass roots of the community,”

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